Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Love for the One - the One for my Love

When I first knew You, I cried on my knees

I felt so hopeless without You, who sees

My heart and everything I do, and this 

Is my Love for the One, who hears

When I first heard about You, I tried You to chase

Because I'm so insecure without Your embrace

But I became confident, when I received Your grace

And You are the One for my Love song's praise

Now that I'm alive and free

All I want is You and me

You are my everything

You are my heart's desire


You're more than a friend,

a brother, a mother, and a father, 

or even a lover can offer

I give my Love for the One, who died

The One for my Love's sublime


The moment that I cannot wait
Is to be where You will wait
For us, to be back home...

...where we really belong!